Fufar Visual Media has many years experience within marketing and especially within visual communication.

Animations of still photos and video presentations  are what we do best. But also  video tutorials with a sharp pedagogical edge is in our DNA.

We have produced more than 100 technical videos espicially for the coating industry. 

Corporate video newsletters  is a growning business with increasing attention.

With the introduction of drones we have specialized in flyover videos of golf courses.

Our creative team assists with ideas about format and media platforms to secure a sharp communication that hits the target audience more precisely.

We work professionally and gaurantee short delivery times.

What we do best

We create simple, but pure communicatIon.  Our goal is always to communicate in a straightforward way so the message is understood without the need for too much digestion.

​We make:

  • Corporate videos

  • Speak and subtitles in any language

  • Animations based on still fotos

  • Video tutorials

  • Drone videos in HD/4K

  • Recording and editing of presentation videos

  • Video interviews and newsletters  with or without  telepromter

  • Product launch videos for Powerpoint

  • Video loops for exhibitions